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Have just started growing veg last year, which, with the way the weather was I think may have spoilt us. this year we purchased a greenhouse and have planted tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and chillies. The problem is that 3 out of 6 tomatoe plants have what i would call leaf curl, it starts at the bottom and works up, have watered them regular but not drown them but it now seems to be spreading to the other plants, does anyone have any idea if its a desease or what, these were freebie tomatoes seeds from a garden centre not the desease resistance ones we brought last year,


If it is tomatoes it is usually a sign of fluctuating temepatures between night lows and day highs and nothing much to worry about-do you shade the greenhouse?

hav,nt had much sun this year so did'nt think i would need it, not heated the greenhouse but kept the doors and windows shut at night and opened them in the morning. have dug 2 of the plants up already as it seemed to be effecting the others as the days went on. Will the other plants fruit some have flowers on but we seemed to be really late this year. Many thanks for your help


I leave a vent open on the greenhouse all summer-day and night-and shade the side that gets direct sun-what you are trying to avoid is the massive fluctuations

My feeling is you have been premature in digging those 2 up -also spray the greenhouse floor in the morning to raise the humidity -that helps pollination-it may be another tricky year -bit early to say at the moment

Thanks, wish my Mom was still alive  or that I took more notice when she grew her veg. may not feel such an idiot otherwise. I think i may be on this forum a LOT ha ha. would an old sheet work or whitewash the windows?




I cheat-I use watered down white emulsion same as whitewash-you can buy special shading material and paint if you want to spend the pennies

You would end up with a dirty wet sheet -what would the neighbours think?

will try that and not dig up anymore plants, many thanks again

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