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31/07/2014 at 22:44

Good luck with it Lyn.

28/08/2014 at 14:47

Hello again all. Our revamped pond is coming on a treat & is looking good. A friend of ours who lives app 5mls away had all his fish (19) taken by a heron whilst he was away for a short period, (forgot to lay his netting) We'd never seen one in our neck of the woods until last week when we spotted one sat atop a near neighbours roof. After watching it for some time it still hadn't moved a muscle. I have a very fine, black nylon net stretched taut across the pond to catch the falling leaves from the trees behind & it's hardly detectable, now of course it's serving a dual purpose with a heron around. Okay now the reason for the thread. Does anyone have an opinion on these pond vacs? Can't decide whether to invest in one or not. The UV filter that's running 24/7 does get a helluva lot of detritus in it's 2 sponge filters etc. & I'm removing & cleaning it maybe every 6 weeks or so. So thought about these vacs & am looking for some input, the only reviews I have seen have been from manufactures.  

Thanks in advance.


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41 to 42 of 42 messages