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I noticed a couple of weeks ago the leaves on a few plants were turning white/yellow from the edges.  I didn't think much of it at the time.  Now on closer inspection as I am doing my spring tidy, most of the plants in a corner of my garden are following and their leaves are changing colour from the edges inwards.  Even some new bedding plants are following.  I have no idea what to do???  or what is causing this?

Photos can be found here.


Some of that looks like spray damage -from a weed kiler or something-is that possible?

Yourself, neighbour, nearby field?


Depending on where you live, its much to cold to put annual bedding out yet,  the white on the leaves is cold night damage. I left a tray of something out last night, and in that short time they have gone white, they wil probably pick up when it warms up a bit.


True lyn but they're  not bedding plants. I fear lg is right.


Have to agree, looks like spray damage.  If not weedkiller, possibly creosote/creocote if a nearby fence has been sprayed?  Aquilegias are as tough as old boots, will not be affected by late frosts and are almost never attacked by pests.



I agree it looks as though something has been sprayed on them. Maybe someone used a power washer and detergent near them?


Thought it was damage from cold winds at first but now agree that they look like they have been sprayed with something.  Did you mulch with dried manure?  In hot sun....we have had some....the fumes cam scorch leaves.  Or over generous with fertiliser perhaps?  Did you liquid feed them?  Maybe residues of weedkiller or something in the watering can?


Yes i agree with all, i couldnt get the pics before.


 i couldnt get the pics before. I looked at the yellow pansy, i think if it was spray damage the leaves would have been spotted with damage, that is a line just around the edge. My pansys and sweet william went like that in that cold snap in april. Not convinced that one is spray. 

Thanks for the replies. I've been away for the weekend, so not had chance to reply.  About 4-7 weeks ago I did go round with the weed killer, and I know that I wasn't that careful.  I bought some bedding plants about 2 weeks ago, marigolds etc. and they are too affected?  I put them in their tray on a patch of soil overnight that would have been sprayed with weed killer.  Is it possible that the weed killer was still on the surface of the soil and manged to get to the roots of the plants?

One thing I wanted confirming is that it is not some fungus or disease that will spread over the whole garden.


As you've used weedkiller that's almost certainly the cause.

Some weedkillers are supposed to become inactive once they make contact with the soil - others are designed to persist for months so you'll need to carefully read the instructions to know when it should be safe to put plants in the area you've sprayed.

The term 'weedkiller' is rather misleading. I feel they should be sold waith either 'herbicide' or 'plant killer' on the label instead. 



i agree but the fact it is called weedkiller means it will kill anything in my view... if it is tough enough to kill weeds..a s they seem to manage to live what ever the conditions.


I bought some pansies last week from a well known supermarket & (touch wood) they are looking healthy in the baskets & round the garden. My next door neighbour went the next day & bought some from the same place. The leaves on his have started to turn yellow/white, uniformly all over the leaf. There are no spots (or I would have thought of leaf spot), He has not been using weedkiller, and wore gloves when planting them out (so nothing such as bleach on his fingers). I am stuck for an answer - can anyone help please ? 

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