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Hi all 

Have just created a new bed in the lawn but have this left over:

Not entirely sure how though as it's not like the level in the bed has gone down  

So ...... the question is ....... what do I do with the left overs? Can I use it to level out my lawn a bit or just bin it in the brown bin (once they are emptied) - I don't have a compost heap.



Don't bin it Panda

OMG,  I stacked my leftover turf last year face to face in a shady corner and this year I have gorgeous loam! 

It really does turn into great soil 

Blue Onion

Stack it in the corner for using next year.. Or use it to fill the bottom of a very large pot (with a good amount of container compost on top).   


Never thought about putting it in the bottom of a large pot - genius idea Blue Onion 

Might go for the stacking idea though - do you put it on anything or just straight onto the ground?

With left over turves I bury them in the garden.  If preparing a new lawn I bury the top turves upside down. Or in a planting area.  Or in veg patch.  Or upside down in compost heap.  Or stack them for use in the autumn.



My stacks went on bare soil just out of full sun and left for a whole year 


I did bury half of them in the bed - still can't work out why these are left over 

Woodgreen wonderboy

You could put it in a black bin liner to rot off. making nice loam?


And that wins it Woody  Would I put holes in the bag a la leaf mould?

But did I get second place Panda? 


Join top Verdun as I had already put a load of it in at the bottom of the bed  


I should thank you all so no one gets upset 


Thank you 



The reason it looks like a lot more soil panda is the air you dug into it, will settle again soon 

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