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After all the rain my sedums look very leggy with I middle. Is it too late to cut them down for new growth

It is a bit -you should have given them the Chelsea chop around the end of May-if you do it now you are unlikely too see flowers this year


I think the way it works is that if you do this while the days are getting longer you will get flowers that season, but if you do it after the longest day you won't.  

I might be wrong, but I'm sure I heard it somewhere, but it might be a myth.

Anyway, I agree with Geoff, I wouldn't do it now.

It isn't too late to cut sedums back now. I always cut back purple emperor mid summer to make it more compact. This season, with the sun now making its mark, cutting now will be good

Christopher2, that's interesting - when would you expect them to flower if you cut them back now?


Prob September on shorter stems. Here in cornwall the season is long and the light is good so maybe that's why it works for me. However ideally the cutting back would be earlier but the wet season has made everything grow so much. I have sedum pasties pride, new to me, that was cut back 3 weeks back and I expect to see it flower in 6 weeks. We will see. I regularly cut argyranthemum, cosmos. Etc back right now to usher in flowers right through October and beyond
That should have read Posties Pride. It's a darker form of purple emperor

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