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In the Daily mail today Strathclyde university have said that 5 people since august have contracted Legionaires desease through handling bought compost and one person has died from it.


all these bugs are everywhere in the environment. To be on the safe side I think I'll stop breathing so they can't get in that way. Then perhaps I'd better give up eating, I have heard illness can be caused by foods. And definitely no showers, legionella might be in the showerhead.

Oh, and I'd better not grow anything in case it's poisonous.

Or touch a caterpillar, and maybe the bats in the roof are carrying rabies. 

Oh, someone help me here please, It's all out of control



Free surgical mask with every bag of compost.......


I know someone who refused the offer of a free second hand washing machine (when they really needed one and had no money to buy one) because he'd heard they might harbour Legionella 


They might. All you have to do is a hot wash with no clothes in and a cup of bleach.



Precisely - but he didn't want to take the risk - would rather social services provided him with a new one - we didn't 


the mail love to whip up a bit of hysteria... i'm surprised the compost does not also contain hordes of east europeans and is wearing a naquib.



And don't forget the Spanish slugs which will cause cars to skid on their slime.!


When we were fighting the construction of a hugmumgous Chicken producing unit, we had the 'compost ie Chicken grit from another place tested. It contained all sorts of really harmful bacteria from Legionaires to Salmonela via Listeria and others whose names now escape me. We were told that when they dumped the s.......grit to compost down in the fields around us, that we should not eat anything from our garden unless it was cooked. That is the stuff they turn into Chicken pellet fertiliser.

Does no one wash their hands any more?

Heather Michaels

Laughing so hard at all of you  Well done to all common sense campaigners - we're a dying breed!


I've heard that reading the Daily Mail can cause all sorts of problems.....

in particular - it makes you bonkers 

My daughter's at Strathclyde- perhaps I should get her to wear a mask when she's in the house....just to be on the safe side.

Everyone treating this as  joke should pray the do not get Legionnaires from being forced to use peat free compost.


No one is forced to use any compost.


Jolly good idea to use some common sense 

As I have stressed below in my post ....Laugh and Joke at your peril...only a fool makes a joke about  a very serious subject being painted over by the establishment.


I am a W A S P.I cause all problems, everything is my fault.



Tetanus in soil- get a jab regularly

Anthrax in bonemeal.- wear gloves and wash hands after use.

Salmonella in chickens- make sure its cooked properly.

 E. coli all over the place, door handles, escalator handrails, telephones, keyboards- wash hands before eating food.

I don't know how I've  survived so long.


Matbe because you don't read the daily panic press reports


I read them. Its just that it seems they have the work experience staff writing the reports.

Just in case some people do not know we are being forced to use peat free compost the Govt has decreed it.. Only other way is to make your own,but for some of us with small gardens only way is to buy compost and we do not have experience to produce compost that will grow seedlings,if big companies cannot still find way to make peat free as good what chance does an amateur have. Fed up with PC crowd dictating what I should do.