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Hi I am looking for some advice on what to do about a border about 50ft long and about 3-4ft wide, the problem is the leylandii hedge next door it is about 8ft high, and when it needs trimming by neighbour comes round to do my side but, to do this he has to walk over my border, so I feel it is no good growing anything there any longer, so if I get the plants and shrubs out what is best to put down turf or bark and put pots along there, and what would the cost of these be please. 


Hello Norma

If you are going to do this then bark is the best option-turf will need mowing,the grass under the pots will go yellow and you will have to move them to cut grass

The bark will need to be around 2 inches deep to deter weeds

Lidl are currently doing 40 litre bags for £1.99 guess you are going to need 15?-so £30 depends?

On the other hand this hedge is going to be a continuous nuisance that is inconveniencing you-then he treads on your borders-doesn't sound a very fair arrangement to me

Just saying


How to 'prune' leylandii:

Take one chainsaw.  Hard 'prune' to ground.  Pile 'prunings' in big heap.  Set fire to heap and dance around fire while laughing maniacally!

Hey bob, would it be less work to just pour deisel down on the roots, I think 8ft is a bit high for residential areas, also, I am not sure if he has a right to come in and cut them?
Sue H
Loads of trouble with leylandi belonging to my neighbour too. I cut it so far back that it is now dead on my side. Eyesore. Can't put fence pannels up because of lumpy branches. Every time I go out I cut a bit more down. Good idea about bark border though.


Sue, I think you have the right to saw any bits off that are on your side, but you have to give it back to the owner.
Sue H
Oh Lyn he is welcome. Would hate to keep something that wasn't mine

Man has no right to come into your garden, unless you invite him.  Send him a bill for trampled plants.  But you will have to trim the hedge on your side in the future.

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