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My lilac trees were absolutely laden with the most intoxicating blossom last year. This year one small patch on one tree none on the other can anyone explain/ Similarly my laburnum dripping with blossom last year zilch this!!

Likewise with my lilac tree, no idea why.


I was told years ago that one in every 4 years a lilac tree has a bit of a rest. Not sure how true that is, or whether it's an old wives tale!

Thanks for that I wondered if it was something to do with the weird weather we've had re hot dry March followed by total washout!! Thou I have seen lots of lush laburnums in the neighbourhood

We have similar, lilac blind this year. The tree is young, came as a present a few years ago, has been growing well with blooms building up annually, but none this year. Any ideas please? 


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