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new to forum : what are those red peppers at the side of the thread title?

problem with my three-year old lilac replanted last autumn. two lovely flower-heads and then its leaves have gone all curly and peely-wally light green. is this a problem and if it is what should i do to sort it?

am on sandy soil, have had 35+ temperatures for three weeks but i have watered him copiously. he lives near lots of solidago whose height gives me some privacy.




Hello mimondo, The red peppers tell you that you are a "hot thread"!

Anyway, the lilac. Lilacs din't usually need much in the way of attention but, as you are on sand, the peely walliness may be the plant telling you that it would like some plant food.

I don't know why the leaves go curly like that. Mine do it too but I just ignore their silliness.

I take it that you are from Scotland. Peely wally?

thank you waterbutts, feed on its way.

its leaves are probably tying to tell me i've planted it in a stupid place. it will be elsewhere from this autumn, hopefully no more silliness will ensue.

yes alas no longer in scotland but it never leaves ya.





The lilac might be needing a good soaking - those big leaves transpire a lot of moisture in this warm dry weather.  Put the hose on the soil at its base for half an hour. 


mimondo - I was intrigued that you had temps of 35 but used peely wally! 

 I'd agree with the advice wb and Dove have given. Sandy soil won't help either. Failing that - you'll need to bring it back here to Scotland! 


defenitely staying with this site and its fun members.  good advice, will heed it all apart from going back to Scotland - some like it hot!

THANK YOU to all


waterbutts wrote (see)

I don't know why the leaves go curly like that. Mine do it too but I just ignore their silliness.


It's to reduce the surface area of the leaves exposed to the drying sun and wind and cut down on transpiration and loss of moisture from the plant.  The larger leaved fruit trees like peaches and nectarines do it too - they also change the angle of the leaves to more vertical than horizontal so that less of the leaf is exposed to direct sunlight etc 

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