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tony ralph

I,ve got some lovely lilly of the valleys and they are just starting to spurt up but i,d like to know when can i and when is the best time for me to split them and devide them? Any help and advice will be muchly appreciated. Thanx


After flowering and then keep them well watered in their new home.


Agree with that - I did it last year and they've come up lovely this year

tony ralph

thanx sotongeoff i,ll bear that in mind and i,ll let you all know how i get on


They will spread about all of their own accord, probably helped by birds and mice eating the seeds and so spreading them.  I have them coming up in places where I know certainly that I did not plant them.  They can become very invasive if happy.



I've got lily of the valley and I just leave them to do their own thing. I agree that they can become invasive but I just try and remove them if they get too bad. I've had them for years and they have'nt been any trouble.

tony ralph

thanx all of you and i,ll just let nature do its thing and see what happens, aint that the beauty of it all.

I agree that they are invasive and I can't mow the edge of my lawn !! but you can't beat that glorious perfume can you!!

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