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Hi all,

I have a lot of lilies in my garden and my tree lilies are fine, but some of my orientals buds have gone brown and dried, I cannot see any sign of aphids, thrips, etc.  DOes anyone have any ideas of what is wrong?




I find that lilies need quite a bit of water - could they have got too dry in this weather?

Hi Dove

No they started to go brown before this weather, the soil is kept moist


Something is stressing it or it was stressed at a critical point as a plants first response to difficult conditions is often to drop flowers and concentrate its resources on survival.

I'd check for vine weevil larvae eating the roots as a first step.

Thanks all, the strange thing is that not all of the lilies in the pot have had their buds dry out. 

Thanks Bob I have cheked for vine weevil and larvae and there is no sign

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