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I can just about cope with Lily beetles but this year I have another problem - some sort of Lily leaf disease - it looks horrid and I just hope the flowers aren't going to be affected  

Pam x



I have the same problem I have been removing the leaves and binning them.

Gary Hobson
kate1123 wrote (see)

... I have been removing the leaves and binning them.

I don't know the definitive answer, but, to me, that looks like a virus. Lilies are susceptible to viruses.

If those were my plants, I'd do as Kate says, and remove all of the affected leaves, and hope that prevents any further spread.


That is what I have been doing Kate  I wonder if it the weathers fault!!!

Pam x


If it is Lily rust, which is a possibility, though rare in Britain, then removing the leaves is the recommended treatment. Viruses do not normally cause leaf spotting like this, they affect the leaves and flowers in a different manner. The leaves and flowers are twisted and distorted, not spotted.


I bought some Pink Defender bulbs earlier this year ( lily beetle proof?) and they look just like the picture. The leaves of two pots of Regale have gone brown and shrivelled from the bottom up, we're so bad I gave up and put them in the compost bin any ideas anyone please ?
Alina W

Lilies can react very badly to excess wet - I've also had them shrivel up in some years. However, there's no need to bin them - mine have recovered the next year.


That is good to know Alina  My Lilies usually do really well for me so this year it is disappointing that they are poorly

Pam x

I've had the same problem with tradescantias. I've never encountered this before and I agree it likes like a virus helped on by the rain. 

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