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Any tips or advice on best way to use liquid seaweed anyone please? We have a youngish garden with various shrubs/patio plants/climbers and want to make sure it gets a good start. Also does it help seeds germinate better as i have been led to believe by some sites?


Bob Flowerdew recommends spraying it all over your garden. I use it mixed as per instructions in cans, and watering with that. I also make up a big trugful, again with appropriate dilution, and dunk containers in that on a weekly basis if I'm feeling organised and fit! One trug does all ( waste not etc). Never heard of it promoting seed germination.

Thanks for that, i presume that if you're continuing to use it shows good results?

Apparently you can soak the seed for 12 hours in dilute mixture prior to planting and they germinate faster/harder/stronger/etc but i'd rather know that it's worked for someone else before i make a fiddly job even fiddlier by making them damp! 

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