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Hi folks, Ive just got my greenhouse up and running and its all new to me. Ive noticed on a couple of my pots (mostly houseplants in there by the way) some little black flies walking on top of the soil. Very small dark coloured things with wings. Anyone any idea what they are, if they are likely to become a problem and if so how to get rid of them. Many thanks


Compost flies or fungus gnats feeding on the compost.  They don't usually become a problem .  You can use insecticides to get rid of them if you're happy using such things.  I just ignore them.  They seem to go away.

Hi Geoff, thanks very much, Ive just had a look at the link you gave me and that definitely looks like the little blighters. I wont worry about them too much, but i will get something put in there to deter them. I dont want to be making them too comfy .

Thanks Dovefromabove, I will probably get something to get rid of them  for the only reason that the plants will be coming back indoors come autumn and i dont want the wee critters coming in alongside them



In the past I've found yellow sticky traps the best way of catching them.  You can buy them online (Amazon sell them).

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