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Hi all over the past year or so I tend to fin these strange little mounds of top of my pots and sometimes in the ground/grass.

I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what it is? :P



Sorry Matt no idea, when I enlarge the photo they look like should be so lucky Maybe something in the compost just shoving mounds up, have you worms in there?

Someone will know and I'll  just seem as daft as ever

Could it be worms after it rains they leave small mounds in the lawn and beds.


I do tend to find worms in my pots when I empty them sometimes!

This could be possible as I have seen some giant worms come up through the gravel during wet weather, so its possible they are coming up through the holes in the bottom of my pots :P


Looks like worm casts to me



I got so many worms in the seed pots that I had to start putting a 'worm filter' in the bottom of the pots. It amazed me, the sise of some of them

Worms in pots, i didnt realise they would do that, is it not a good thing having a mini gardener ineach pot?


Not a problem in a mini garden but stirring up the soil buries the seed too deeply sometimes


Yes of course it is! Helps to break up the soil for the roots to get through and also improves drainage

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