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My daughter has ground elder over a significant area of her garden.  I have never been cursed with it so have no advice to give her.  What I have read in the past is that there is little that can be done and you "need to learn to live with it".  Can some one explain what that means?  As it propagates through underground (and from what I can see significantly deep) roots "living with it" would seem to mean that eventually there will be nothing but ground elder - clearly that cannot be true.  Any advice or information would be most welcome.  Thanks


I have lived with mine for over 30 years. Believe me it is not worth all the hassle of trying to get rid of it, in fact it would be a huge task to do so.  It doesn't interfere with the progress of my plants but what you do have to do is just pull it out of the way sometimes, in other words, thin it out of the way of other plants. 


I have managed to get on top of this horrid plant by a mix of digging it out and Roundup weedkiller.  It still pops up every so often but now can quickly be dealt with

Alina W

I agree with Muddy Fork - you can get on top of it, but you have to accept that it won't be instant and, if there is a large amount, you need to use weedkiller.

Glyphosate is the,answer. There is available now a super strength,glyphosate . The worst weed for me is oxalis. I think it's come in through the new type composts. It's a problem when it comes up amongst plants


Thanks very much for your thoughts.  I had already attacked some areas with systemic weedkiller but as it comes up everywhere, including through other plants, that solution is limited.   Another problem is that they are a young family with limited time and I live 200 miles away so I only get to deal with it irregularly.  Still it will give me something to do when I visit.  Cheers all.

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