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Forgive me folks but I couln't work out where to post this query. I don't seem to be getting e mail alerts when my posts are answered despite my adress showing in my preferences. Any ideas anybody/mods ?

Many thanks.

Sara 4

Hi Ivyhouse, I haven't had any email alerts for literally months - I think the site experts are working at trying to restore them and I may be wrong but I don't think anyone is getting them.  If you go up to your own avatar (top right of page) and click on the pull down menu it will show you what threads you're following which helps a bit.

The potty gardener

Same here- nothing for months. Daniel is aware of the problem and trying to resolve it


Mine come and go. Getting them at the moment. But I sometimes go to my settings and click on the box again to encourage it.


I am unable to access "Followed Threads" at the moment. Maybe it's me.


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