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... in gardening terms

i've only really took up gardening as a more serious hobby really since around mid-late spring, and im lacking in any autumn, winter or spring bulbs and plants for the coming months once the summer flowers fade.

looking around for some inspiration, i planned in getting some bulbs in for spring that would give me some early colour. these include a few daffodil varieties (king alfred, topolino, february gold), crocus (ruby giant, sieberi tricolor) tulips (negrita, early glory) and maybe some alliums. i notice there are autumn crocus available, too.

anyone else planning for the next seasons? if so what are you buying, planting out in autumn or planning to??

My garden is pretty full having matured over the years so I tend to take a few photographs in summer then I know were the perennials are and I put anual seeds in any spaces in early spring. 

I have dug up bulbs in the past so I don't bother with them unless I plant them in pots, which i do with lilies and tulips, which I shelter in the winter months and they come up every year.



Hi Djjjuk, I'm going to plant some red tulips in pots for by my front door, planted loads of tete a tete daffs last autumn and they did well over last spring so looking forward to seeing those again.  Love hellebores, they cheer up a winter garden no end.  Also planted two Christmas box in large tubs and they've grown well over the spring and summer and they'll be flowering over the winter - they have a gorgeous scent.  

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