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hi do you deadhead lupins and how ?


Yes cut off the spike just below the last flower when they fade


Hopefully after you deadhead there will be some more flowerspikes grow up from lower down the stalk - they'll be smaller but still beautiful 

Agreed but I do mine as soon as the flower spike begins to go over.  It seems a waste when there's colour still there but the secondary spikes respond more quickly and bigger.


so what if all the other flower stems are coming off one main stem do you cut it all to the ground ?


No, just cut below where the faded flowers are.

My lupins had flowered but where suddenly heavily infested with aphids, they were sticky.  I have chopped them down to the ground - hope that I did the right thing, guess I should have asked for advice before my radical action!

Victoria Sponge

Hi Clareabelle,

I lost control of my aphid situation too and they've become very sticky. This happened last year too and I just chopped the flower heads off. The aphids don't seem to do any real harm to the plants though I don't think- they just look horrible. I've resorted to knocking them off the open flower heads so at least they have to walk back and chopping the heads off once they start to turn.

Ive put some fish, blood and bone around mine this morning, not sure if that is the right thing to do but it won't do any harm I wouldn't have thought.

 Hopefully your plants will come back - I'm sure someone on here will know.

hi i,m new to this world of gardening, want to know , my lupin has finished flowering now ,what should i do next & will they flower again for me.

Hiya thomas

cut that flowering stem back to the ground or to where there might be another flower shoot on that stem.

Yes,it will flower again next is hardy and flower for a few years yet. 

Lupins are pretty easy really...just watch out for snails and slugs 

thnks verdun, need lot of help, very well exp, i,ll go and do it right now.

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