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I just joined the forum today and hope someone can help with some advice please. A year ago I planted two climbers I read would survive on a shady wall. I chose Souvenir Du Docteur Jamain and Madame Alfred Carriere. It's my own fault for not reading up enough and I think I chose unwisely with Madame Alfred Carriere. It didn't bloom this year, as expected, but it sent out masses of growth like it was trying to reach the sky. Unfortunately, for that particular wall, I really need something that will grow no more than about 3 metres. I recently pruned it back to about 2 metres in the hope that I can contain it and get some flowers next year. Should I replace it as it is obviously the wrong rose for that wall, or should I persevere with it and keep cutting it back?


According to David Austin it grows to 20 feet! So it might be a bit tall


Have you the space to put up training wires to tie it in horizontally?   Climbing roses and ramblers flower best on spurs coming from horizontally or diagonally trained main stems as this aids the flow of nutrients along the stem.

If not, I suggest you find a good home for Mme AC and consider replacing it with something like a City of York rose which won't grow quite so long and has repeat flowers.  

I have exactly the same rose on 20 ft north facing wall. It did put on a lot of growth this year and the flowering was not as good as usual. I have in previous years had better displays some quite spectacular, however to get the best from it I have found a good frame is essential, which as others have said, is to train it properly allowing for plenty of lateral growth.

If your wall isnt 20 ft or so then do go for something smaller as it really is only for the larger wall.


Unfortunately there is a full height window to one side of the trellis and a very tall door to the other, so little chance for training it horizontally. Also it is a single storey house and I'm reluctant to let it ramble over the roof. I think it was a bad choice and I'll be more careful in future. Thanks for your advice, I think it needs to be replaced with something more compact, unfortunately. obelixx, I do like the look of City of York, it seems to be quite highly perfumed and it is shade tolerant.


Jess is in the Garden

I have a Mme Carriere on a north wall as well. Mine's a year old and hasn't flowered yet. I was told by someone who knows more about roses than me, that it may not flower in its first year at all. Like yours, it sent up loads of vertical shoots, which I've tried to train horizontally as much as possible. I didn't prune it back, only tidied it up a little, as I've heard it's best to leave climbers alone to establish for a couple of years before cutting them hard back.

A beautiful rose, which is growing and flowering well on a west facing wall.  I bought it last year from a reputable, local nursery who were offering 2 roses for £10 - the other one is 'Alan Titchmarsh', which is also quite lovely. Like Jess, I haven't pruned it too hard, and am also training it horizontally.

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