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Hello. I planted a young magnolia tree and a blossom tree in my garden in the spring. They've come on leaps and bounds and I'm pleased with their progress. Now autumn is pretty much here, I'm just wondering whether there's anything I should be doing to prepare them for winter. Do I need to prepare/protect them or can I just leave them to it?

Also, my magnolia is fairly small still and resembles a bush rather than a tree. Will I need to shape it at all? It doesn't have a trunk, it just looks like upright twigs with leaves on at the moment!

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Alina W

Do you mean a cherry blossom tree? If so, it's perfectly hardy and needs no pruning. If you ever have to cut a branch off, it should be done on a dry summer's day.


I recently read that magnolias should be sufficiently shaped before you buy them.  Apparently if you prune older magnolias they will produce vertical 'water shoots' rather than flowering branches.

Hmm, sounds like I don't have to do a lot...that's what I like to hear!  Thanks for the feedback!

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