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I have a Magnolia Grandiflora in the garden and its not flowering... It was in the garden when we moved in so not sure how established before but it hasn't flowered for 4 years and is about 3-4 feet high.

Any ideas??? Its in a north facing but sheltered garden. I mulch with farmyard compost twice a year and top up with chicken manure pellets during the spring/.summer.


It might be that you're treating it too well - there are lots of magnolias in the parks and gardens around here and they seem to thrive on neglect as far as I can see.   Flowering is for reproduction and many plants flower better if they feel just slightly threatened - if they're living in luxury they may feel that they have no need to procreate to keep their species going.


I think magnolias in general take quite a few years to start flowering, but how many exactly I don't know. Mine was a cutting taken from my brother-in-law's tree. It's now 4 years old, so no flowers yet. I also have to give it lots of acidic feed as our soil is very alkaline - so on that basis I'm not too hopeful that it will ever flower!


When I had mine from the nursery it was about 5 years before I had a flower. 20 years later, it's the focal point of the garden with flowers 20cm acroos with a fabulous lemony perfume. Be patient, it's worth the wait!

Emma Crawforth

Hello Gary Burgess,

Your Magnolia grandiflora is very small considering how large they can grow. Although you don't know the precise age it's probably still too immature to flower. Have a look at our profile of the cultivar 'Exmouth' for gowing tips.

Emma team


We decided to move house....

Guess what... Three flower buds have appeared!!!

Luckily we are letting our house so it should mature nicely now and we can enjoy it periodically - i darent move it!!!

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