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I've just moved into a new house with a larger garden and inherited a superb pink magnolia but who's leaves and buds are stricken with a brown mould which destroys the huge petals soon after opening.Any advice on treatment please? Much appreciated!

I also have this but I assumed it was because we had severe frost and snow when the flowers were just budding.

I also have a purple magnolia that is about 20 years old and flowered really well every year but now looks as though it is dead as it has no buds and no leaves.  A few well established trees in my neighbours garden have also died.

If anyone has any thoughts it would be appreciated.

I'm wondering whether the losses might be due to honey fungus, or possibly sudden oak death, towhich I understand magnolias are also susceptible.

Thanks for your thoughts Figrat.  Do you think I should get a specialist in to diagnose and try to stop the spread?

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