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I have a magnolia 'Susan', has been grown in a pot successfully for many years but would now like to move it to a prepared bed.  It has just finished flowering, would now be the time to move it?


Jeannie, so long as you keep it well watered through this first summer I would think it will be fine.


Hi Jeannieb, pot-grown trees can be planted out at any time of the year.  The main thing is to keep watering it (at least once a week) for the rest of this year until it goes dormant.

I have 2 Magnolia that are in huge pots that I would like to put into the ground-would it be OK for me to do this now, or should I wait until they have lost their leaves? They are really quite big, and I'm worried about them getting pot bound.


Hi Linda, as above, you can plant them now - just keep up the regular watering.


Thank you BTG-should I feed as well?


I wouldn't give any extra feed in the water Linda, just prepare the planting hole well by digging-in plenty of compost and a couple of handfuls of fish, blood and bone.  Modern thoughts are to dig a square rather than a round planting hole and about twice the width of the pot.  Mix compost with the dug-out soil and back-fill with the mixture keeping the base of the trunk at the same level in the soil as it was in the pot.

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