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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for creative ideas on how to make coldframes with the minimum of fuss. I have a selection of glass panes on my allotment but I don't want to spend loads of money on wood. I seem to remember someone on telly painting cardboard boxes with gloss paint and then putting glass over the top. Any ideas gratefully accepted!

Bright Blessings!


Got any bricks ??

Dry build, a brick box like structure - put the glass over the top.


Go to your local market and ask the meat/fish sellers if they have any polystyrene boxes.  They usually chuck them out at the end of the day and once thoroughly cleaned (the fish boxes need a good airing too) they make excellent cold-frames.



I'm using the inside of our old dishwasher covering the top sometimes with a piece of clear plastic! 


Thanks everyone! I sometimes spend more time working on recycling projects than on actually growing anything!



what i did i had some old green house staging that i was not using so i put this out side my green house and i would stand the plants that i grow on this so plenty of air was round them,as for cuttings i would wait until they have developed roots and big enough than i would put them out side,i would just put some lastic round the frame, 


Big polystyrene  fish boxes are good. 

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