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Hi got loads of manure dropped of in feb which it was all dumped on one of my raised beds untill i moved it to the manure pile any way i moved it all about 4 weeks ago i have rotavoted it twice now.What would grow best in this raised bed many thanks

p.s i only grow veg turnips cabbage/sprouts/broc/caulie/punkings/leeks


Brassicas do not like newly manured ground. Peas/ beans etc do.

Don't plant carrots or parsnips there. They will all split into many fingers. Only plant them in beds that have been manures the year before. Brassica's, turnips, leeks, onions, betroot, peas and beans all love a bit of manure. I plant my peas directly into a trough of manure. Do you know how old it was thought? I'd take more care if it was fresh manure - the acidity can dange your seedlings. If it was fresh manure you might want to plant up that bed last? Good luck!

Your pumpkins will be very happy there 

Yes! Forgot about the pumpkins. I grow my pumpkins actually on my manure pile!

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