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As  you say, 'gone for now' but it only blackens the top growth, it doesn't affect the deep roots which will grow again. 



Hi, I have just found this on my new allotment. Wondering if I can complain? Someone mentioned that with Japanese Knotwood, they send over someone to remove it.

The most effective method I have found is to pull the existing weed by hand then wait until new growth is a few inches high.  Walk all over it to bruise / break stems and then spray with Roundup at it's strongest recommended solution.  Finally cover with weed suppressing fabric.  It probably will reappear over time, but if you catch it early it should at least be controllable.

I've started a battle with few shoots appearing (presumably from next doors forest) crushed it and glosphated it and it appears to die. Week away and only one tiny shoot appeared (slightly different place) other stuff is grey and dead. Will keep at it

Sorry if anyone else has said this as I haven't got time to read the whole thread. I moved here 3 years ago and discovered I had the dreaded MT which I had never had before in any garden. I did get a bottle of Kurtail which I use quite a bit and it has definitely helped but along the way one thing I learnt was about the "mummies" as I call them. The easily spotted ferny bits are sterile but the real danger comes from the spore carrying spikes which are brownish, small and difficult to spot against earth - these are the things I try to find and destroy, but I also think there's something in this business of not letting them grow too tall. Here is a good article with a lovely photo of MT growing at RHS Harlow Carr!!


I've cracked it!! After years of trying everything in the book, I've banished it. Haven't seen any sign of it for a month now.

My front gravel drive and shurb beds were totally infested, ruined my summers I stumbled across a blog after yet another failed attempt to kill this stuff.
It's called Kurtail, think it used to be called kibosh. It wasn't cheap, about ??42 for a litre, but instructions said to mix 20ml per litre of water. Put it in my sprayer, within a week it started to turn black and crispy, 2 weeks later a few new ones popped their ugly heads up, sprayed those too, and so far over a month now I've not seen any! Yayyyyy

Apparently it's degradable when it hits the soil, so you can plant straight in a dried sprayed area, it does kill every bit of greenery in contact though, I moved my little shrubs out, sprayed, dead, ready to start again.

I'm so relieved, my drive way is big, with hedges either side so I panicked a bit, but all good, one very happy lady who doesn't have to spend every hour after work pulling the stuff out
Watch out it may come back. I've had lots if luck with normal glosphated and bruising but still getting the odd bit, found one tonight. Those treated have died and my gravel seems clear but will keep being vigilant and hope that I've weaken. Guess next year will show

Kurtail available from the internet. Have started to use on allotment as it is full of mares tail and so far has been killing off the dreaded stuff. Has to be done on a dry, non windy day.

Thick bleach poured directly on the weed if that fails caustic soda.



If you want to get rid of Mares Tail use a product which is made by progreen the product is called Kurtail it kills and  Controls grasses & broadleaved weeds, plus mare's tail/horsetail.



hendy wrote (see)

Thick bleach poured directly on the weed if that fails caustic soda.



Fairygirl wrote (see)


hendy wrote (see)

Thick bleach poured directly on the weed if that fails caustic soda.



Fairygirl wrote (see)


hendy wrote (see)

Thick bleach poured directly on the weed if that fails caustic soda.




jo47 wrote (see)

Exactly Fairy ............ 


And it doesn't work anyway - it only kills the part of the plant it touches - it doesn't translocate back down to the roots and kill them - and it kills all the invertebrates in the soil, any small mammals and insects that touch it, and poisons the soil.  Why would anyone ............ ?

I have just taken over an allotment and have quite a lot of mares tail to deal with. heard the roots can go as deep as 10 foot? Surely I'm fighting a losing battle??


I have mares tail on my allotment, you will never be rid of it but it's quite easy to keep it under control by regular weeding. 

marshmello says:

I definitely will be giving this a go. Cheers

See original post

Personal experience draws on the conclusion that Glyphosate products (no matter how strong) do not kill off Horestails. Strong Glyphosate products may burn the foliage off within a week or two but shortly afterwards, the same stems are poking up out of the ground once again, almost lauging in your face.

If you want something that WILL kill them off (but as with all avaialabe weedkillers these days, it will take time - possibly years), two products have been developed with Horsetails in mind and neither are Glyphosate-based. Kaskara and Pearl.

Kaskara is selective - kills everything but grass (if mixed correctly) and Pearl kills everything (the better of the two for Horsetails). They are agricultural grade products and can be purchased easily.... BUT should be used with caution (preferably with sprayers licences). PM me if you need more details.



I think if I had this in my beds coming through from elsewhere, I'd dig out sections to about a foot and a half deep, lay tough landscaping fabric (making sure the sides of the trench were lined as well as the bottom), and then replace the soil after sifting to remove all traces of root. Then move on to the next section until eventually all the beds were done in this way. Obviously you'd need to go deeper for deep rooted plants.

Landscape fabric is no match for Mares Tail Will. Absolutely zero. 


As Dave says, "landscape fabric is no match for Mares Tail, Will...."

Horsetail/marestail will grow through tarmac ... 

I  recently took over an allotment that has along with adjacent alloments, a profusion of mares tail. Having used Gallup Hi-active 490 weed killer for a number of years I tried spraying as per normal weeds to no avail. I suspect that due to the tough waxy stem and fronds , killer was not  getting through and eventually washing off with watering and rain.  I am having very promising results with Gallup ( undiluted ) mixed into wallpaper paste.Brush it on. Certainly killing it at surface level , it remains to be seen if the systemic action takes it further. Do not rotovate , it will only increase itself . Constructing a barrier is useless   as root go down to 7ft (2m). RHS reckons whatever course is taken ,it will take 3-4 yrs to eradicate. 

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This works for me. Your normal mix of Round Up, in my case about 15 litres, then 1/4 litre of Rush Killer and finally a good dollop of Fairy Liquid. Does the trick for me,

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