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Can anyone advise how to get rid of mare's tails please?


Tread on it to bruise it and spray it with Resolva 24h, it'll be dead in a few days but you might have to re-do it when new shoots come through.

Thanks.  info for a colleague so will pass on.


No problem   Resolva 24h works a lot quicker than glyphosate especially this time of year.

Mix up Vinegar Cooking salt and washing up liquid in a spray bottle, shake and spray directly onto Mares Tail



Doesn't work - it blackens the top growth but doesn't affect the deep roots.


also it can poison the ground with salt so nothing grows

In  my  garden   i  have   planted   cabbages,sprouts,and  cauliflowers  all  mature  plants  i  am  having  problems  with  wood pigeons  they  have  nearly  eaten  all  of  my   plants , the  area  is  to  big  to  apply  netting   could  you  tell  me  what  i  should  do.


Hi Bill - you need to start a new thread with an appropriate title - this thread is an old one about Mare'stail weeds - the cabbage experts won't look here.

Click on this link

you'll see a green button saying Create New Thread - click on that and you can start a new thread with an appropriate title e.g. Pigeons and cabbages!!! and people with experience in that will be able to spot it


My last garden was absolutely overrun with this stuff and vinegar killed it within days I sprayed neat vinegar after someone advised me to try it (all I had in the cupboard was apple cider or malt - both worked well) My garden now has acidic soil and they have grown out on our driveway (as the soil was put down when the drive was laid) despite that it pops up all along the fence I haven't found one single one in my garden I think acid is the only thing they dislike!

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