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Sally Bennett

I recently bought a pot a white  margueritas (on the label it says bush variety).  However, they are not doing too well.  Firstly they were plagued with snails.  Secondly they seem to be unwell and the flowers are dying off very quickly with no sign of reflowering.  is there a reason for this. Also can the plants be divided after flowering or do i need to to take stem cuttings.  Also can you tell me what the correct name is (doesnt tell me on the label).  Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi Sally. I don't know anything about these but my non answer will get this back up the forum

I have a similar problem - both with the snails and the flowers dying.  I put slug pellets down around the base and I've just being doing some research re the flowers and I didn't realise that you have to deadhead them.  I've just done this and I can see that there are lots of new buds so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they will be OK now.


I have had problems with snails/slugs on these in the past, but they normally perk up, and if you dead head them and give them some sun they flower all summer. Don't think they divide ( they are single stem) and they don't make it through the winter, so you could try stem cuttings like you do with perlagoniums.  I just buy a couple of new ones in May each year


I grow these ,too  Keep deadheading and feeding your plants and they should flower all Summer. I take cuttings from mine at the end of the Summer and also overwinter a couple of plants in my greenhouse  I use the white ones in my bedding scheme and needed about 50 plants this year

Pam LL x



Hi Sally,

you didn't say whether your plant is in a pot. Mine is, and I had a similar problem. Than I looked into the compost - it was full with wine veevil larvae. Either soak the soil with an anti-veevil stuff or take the plant out, clean the roots and plant in fresh compost.(But don't put the old compost in you compost bin)

I haver overwintered mine for several years now wrapped in bubble foil in a sheltered corner. Cut it slightly back in spring and give it a feed with good firtiliser.


Sally Bennett

Many thanks  all of your for your input.  Also the link to the  website.  I have been deadheading but they are still not re-flowering.  So dissapointed because I love them, the white ones are  so bright and cheerful looking (normally).  Good job I didn't need 50 of them like you Lily.  Once again many thanks. 

Sally Bennett

Hi Sybille  can you explain what I should look out regarding vine veevil larvae.  I am a complete gardening amateur and would appreciate any advice. My plant is in a pot. Thanks

Hi Sally, they look like little white very fat maggots - up to 1 cm long.

They start wiggeling when come to light. They eat the roots of plants which makes the plants weak. The adult wine veevils lay their eggs preferabley in pots....

Sally Bennett

Many thanks Sybille will get my gloves on later and investigate.

Hi. my margaritas are in pots and are still flowering beautifully at the end of October!!

I have had them in a sunny spot,dead headed them and fed them regularly and they just keep flowering.

I need to know how to over winter them.I don't have a green house but do have a potting shed,will that be okay? Any help will be appreciated









 Hi, Carol.

I have taken cuttings off mine. If you want to overwinter them, they need to be in a frost free place with plenty of light. Last year a load survived in the soil outside, but that is a rarity. In a mild winter you may save them by putting the pot up against a wall, but it would still get hit by frost, but may regrow in Spring.

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