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Has anyone had this problem?  My mum put about 50 marigolds in pots out last week, within 5days there was not one single leaf left, just bare stems.  Has any one any idea what has attached these? Is there anything we can do in the future


Hi Caz  I would guess slugs/snails. They attack everything in my garden 

Slugs, sorry, its one of their favorite foods, ive had this happen too, personally, i dont use slug and snail killer, im trying to create a balanced ecosystem. But how you deal with the little blighters is up to you!

slugs and snails at the top of the list.

But as to the future, watch and see who the culprit is. One or two molluscs could do all that, pick up the pots and look underneath, squash them


Unanimous on the culprit Caz



We don't get a lot of slugs in this garden, but on Friday night the few slugs we have chomped their way through our Pak Choi - last night I sunk a couple of plastic pots into the veg patch, just sticking out half an inch or so, and put an inch of Adnams Broadside in the pots - this morning two fat slugs had passed away in a drunken stupor 

I recommend it!

Goodness, thats brought out the murderous streak in you lot!

Thanks everyone.  Maybe I will try again with slug pellets.


Stacey Docherty

slugs and snails.... the population id=s rife in my garden this year as well... went on holiday to 6 lupins in my garden came back to 2!!!! if the marigolds are in pots then you can buy copper tape to put round them to prevent the slime deamons climbing past it ( they hate copper) i also went out the other morning and discovered much to my horror a slug orgy ( it wasn't a nice sight) and low and behold all of my beans have been stripped of leaves!!!! Good luck int he fight agains slime evil


Oh please think twice about using slug pellets - most of them are so bad for wildlife and for the soil as well as being dangerous for pets and children.  I really wouldn't want to eat vegetables grown in soil that had been covered in slug pellets

There are some that are less harmful, but if slug pubs and copper strips work for us, why not give them a try? 

Garlic granules can be good ans SAS spray is fab but they only work when its dry or under the rim of pots
Victoria Sponge

I grew tall scotch prize marigolds from seed this year and they were gone stalks and all within a few days...

Tbh if I find a snail stuck on something I do tend to chuck them back in the it's not entirely surprising...

I also grew some rudbeckias and they have turned out to be hard as nails so you win some you lose some...

I heard that if you put bran down they eat so much that it kills them as it expands, mine just seem to share the dog food i put down for the hedgehog!

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