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hi i want to redesign my garden but i have two mexican orange blossoms i need to move elsewhere can i do this if so when is the best time to do it

You don't say how large they are. In the south west here choisyas are hardy but maybe cover with fleece after transplanting and during very cold times this winter. I have moved them without problem. How long have they been planted?

they are quite large and have been planted about 10 years 

i have trimmed them down every year to stop them growing

at the moment they are approx 3ft high

You may find bits have layered themselves. Look around the bushes. 3 feet high makes them seem small but I guess they are fairly wide. Not sure they can be transplanted after 10 years. Maybe try one and see what rootball is like. Choisyas grow quickly so maybe get new......sundance is a good yellow and Aztec pearl is nice too so maybe a chance to ring the changes?
Oh, I think next month may be good time to move them


thank you christopher i will try one first and see how i get on if not successfull then maybe i should start again

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