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some of the leaves on t his shrub are turning black why is this?


It might be that the Choisya leaves that are turning black were ones that were frost damaged. I've lost leaves from the "Sundance" after frost damaged them, I don't remember if they went black but definitely dark brown and then they fell off. I now overwinter it in the greenhouse.

Prob sooty mould.  Aphids last year were the culprits.

I had this on sundance, skimmia and box last spring.  I washed with soap and rinsed off then sprayed with insecticide.  This year those bushes have recovered

Woodgreen wonderboy

My Sundance doesn't look too good this year. Half of it is going brown. I am thinking of digging it out and remodelling that part of the garden. Perhaps they are not too long lived?

thanks for your replies.

I will try washing with soap and spray after.


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