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I have some Michalmas Daisies which have a white film over the foliage. Can anyone tell me what it is and how to get rid of it?



Sounds like mildew -some varieties get it worse than others but they are notoriously susceptible

You can try a spray-of 10 parts water to 1part of milk-it might work but you will have to repeat-or buy a propriety spray to treat

If you want to grow m daisies grow little carlow or frikarti monch......neither get mildew . M daisies, just as they are flowering or about to get mildew.

Thanks Guys I will give it a go


Full cream milk by the way.


I stopped growing m daisies because of mildew! Copious watering as they grow is supposed to help but am planning to use one of the varieties known not to suffer from the dreaded mildew...

Yes, the varieties I have already suggested is a good start. My frikarti I monch has been in flower for 3 weeks and will continue for many weeks yet. Brilliant with rudbeckia goldsturn

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