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Emma Crawforth

I've got some hydrangeas in pots outside my front door. They're really tough and only demand decent watering to stay looking good. But this autumn I've been trying to ignore the little white patches of mildew on the leaves. I used to work in a garden where sometimes milk was used on foliage to counteract mildew.

Does anybody know any other 'unusual' methods for dealing with garden problems?

I've never really tried it, but I have read that attracting birds into your garden with feeders can reduce other pests such as caterpillars, that the extra birds you have attracted into your garden find these an extra bonus!

Emma Crawforth

Hello Hedgehog,

You could try enticing birds into your garden with the following projects from

Making fat cakes for birds -

Making pine cone feeders for birds -

Installing a window bird feeder -

The last one is particularly exciting. I've seen them in action and you really do get the birds coming right up to your window. I hope one of these projects appeals to you.

Emma team

I know when i get mildew on plants,and this can be caused by a few things eg poor ventilation, poor watering, feeding and hygiene,so i take the leaves off and dispose of them in rubbish bin not compost bin and wash hands so not to pass problems on

I have a similar problem with a burberis.  I cut it right back as nearly all the leaves had mildew but when it regrew so did the mildew.  Am wondering whether I will have to dig the burberis out.  

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