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How can I get rid of MYOB, a creeping plant that looks great on rocks and walls, but is a pain when it gets into the lawn. I've seen various suggestions to clear it, but has anyone out there had any real success ( other than using a flame-thrower!).


It's all those 'weeds' in the lawn that keep mine green in a dry year. Welcome the volunteers


Lawn weedkiller will control it

Woody......clever.  You WOULD (wood) know that!   Ha ha 


Wot you like woody?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Just in case Pentille is thoroughly confused "Verdone" is a specific weedkiller for use on lawns that doesn't harm the grass. Sorry to be pedantic.... well some of the time!

Thanks WWB - I've already tried Verdone on the lawn, and the MYOB is left totally unmoved - I think I would have more luck if I put Verdun on the lawn - you would be surprised what a stroppy Cornishman can achieve!

I actually like Mind Your Own Business... I can see you all raising yours eyes, but i do. In the garden centres, I have noticed it with little orange balls. Is this the same plant as I have never seen them growing on the plants in the garden.

Pentillie, my namesake, verdone, has been going for years but I,think there are some more effective lawn weedkillers now.  I don't like it but Resolva is strong.  I don't use it for,that reason....viz., it also damages,the grass in the area of the treated weed whereas other lawn treatments dont.

Glyposate kills helxine where its not in the lawn.  

Thanks for your suggestions. I have checked the RHS website on MYOB/ Helxine, and they state that it is resistant to all grass weedkillers - they have made various suggestions which I might try later, but first I will have a go at boiling water, which will damage the surrounding grass, but if it gets rid of MOYB, then problem solved - just sow some grass seed and off we go - I hope! Bloody stuff is as bad as bamboo or Japanese knotweed - just not such a damaging problem - just a pain!

Well, it worked for me.  Got rid of it once for a frIend where it grew over the grass, path, up the walls, etc.  I think it needs couple of treatmemts.  Boiling water?  Kills the grass for sure.

Thanks Verdun, will give Resolva  a few goes - nothing venture , nothing gain. If all else fails I might have to move back to Cornwall - that sounds more attractive! Enjoy the warm weekend in your garden.

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