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hello i have grown the minibel tomato in door in a pot for around one month and it is already  flowering but i notice a while ago the bottom leaf of the plant has purple ish dot on the leaf, is it a roblem? should i worry? i have three plant in seperate pot and all three of them has it.


below is a phoo taken of the leaf




I wouldn't worry about it - doesn't look like a diease.  As that leaf is shaded by the ones above anyway, you may as well nip it off.  That way, if there is any disease, it will help to stop it spreading.


Hiya 12, indoors do you mean in the house/ conservatory ? I was wondering how they were going to get pollinated. If inside I think you will have to manually pollinate by gently brushing each flower with a bit of cotton wool or a small brush, from one flower to to the next.

I assume they are in the house due to nice pot

If I'm incorrect someone else will will advise you.


I'm with Bob. Nip off the leaf. If the problem manifests again elsewhere, let us know.

Dove's right too. Brush your hand over the flowers or give them a gentle flick with your fingers.

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