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Hello. Got yellow 'dusty' texture spot appearing on under side of leaves. Cutting them off but they keep being effected. Any ideas? Thanks.




Looks like rust - it's quite a common fungal disease.  Shouldn't do a lot of damage to your tree but you can make it less likely to return next year by collecting & destroying the fallen leaves.  If you're not organic you can spray with Bayer Garden Systhane fungus fighter, but it works better as a preventive than a cure.

I have one of these in a flower bed and have under planted it with all sorts. It gets covered in this rust, and also in ladybirds. The problem is I think they may be harlequin ones. I have to keep trimming the ends as they grow so long and blot out the plants. One wet summer the tree just fell over with its weight, so have had to stake it now. Lovely in spring with hanging catkins and bees all over it.


Thank you all, much appreciated x


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