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I planted a bare rooted specimen in the autumn of 2011. The tree is doing marvellously well and in the first year (2012) it bore a reasonable amount of fruit. However, last year, we had 2plums!!  This year isn't looking good either. Anybody help? The tree looks very healthy and leaf and plant  growth phenomenal.

This is a MirabellePlum tree


Last year the spring was so cold there were few pollinating insects about - has your blossomed this year?

The tree is in our  garden in France. When we arrived in France late March, the blossom was already fading. There wasn't much of it I'm afraid. A close inspection reveals onl a handful of fruits. The tree growing putting on much growth. 


It sounds as if it's concentrating on putting on vegetative growth rather than fruiting.

I'd suggest treating it with sulphate of potash - some now and another application in the autumn - this should trigger the production of blossom and fruit next year. 

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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