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Jean Genie

I potted up some Mont Blanc lillies just over a week ago and could have sworn I had bought 2 packets of bulbs.

Well I did and I've just found them in the vegetable box.

Would it be alright to disturb the other ones that are already potted up as they were meant to be be all planted together or does anyone think they may have started to root ? I usually set lillie bulbs on their sides with a little grit under them as I have had problems with rot in the past.

Any advice, anyone ?

Thanks Jean.


After a week Jean they probably havent moved -if they have it will just be a tiny bit of root-I would to do it-but do it today

Jean Genie

I'll do that Geoff, thanks.

May also have another look in the vegetable box .

Bunny ...
Be finding all sorts in that box
Jean Genie

 I must try to improve my memory. Found my hairbrush in the 'fridge once.



And watch what you eat from that veg box 

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