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I bought this from a rose nursery last year so it's on it's second year. Lots of growth but no sign of flowers . It had rose fertiliser applied in the spring plus has been mulched with garden compost.  It's on a north facing wall but does get some sun. Am I being too impatient and anysuggestions please ? Many thanks.


Mine took a few years to get established. Early on it produced lax spindly stems and just the odd flower. It is still weak stemmed but now it has reached the top of its frame it has lots of flowers.

Lax spindly stems is a very good description of what mine is doing. Looks like I'm being too impatient! Thank goodness my new Zephirine Drouhin is about to flower to make up for it a bit. Thanks for your help.

I did that with the main stems this year which is why I feel a bit cheated, but I'll have to just get over it and dream of years when I finally have my wall covered with gorgeous roses.



It will happen and you'll love it - it is a gorgeous rose 

Carol Box

Like Wynken,  I planted both last year and the Zepherine Drouhin is lovely - growing well and neatly with numerous flowers.  The Mme Alfred Carriere is not only scrambling all over the place (yes I'm trying to train it horizontally), but also has leaves that look like sucker leaves - although they come from shoots higher up.  It produced one lovely flower at the beginning of the season.  

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