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OK It's been a while since I've been in and had a look in my conservatory So as I had a little bit of time today I thought I would looking and see how my plants and new plugs where going.

First I put my bay tree in the conservatory about four weeks ago after removing some top soil out of in and replacing it with general purpose compost about 30mm was add. I finished it off by giving it a drink as it was showing signs of drought. However today I popped my head it to the conservatory and found it covered in white mould what would you do with it. I’ve just opened the window on its vent setting but I have mould in no particular area or spot

Example I deadheaded some of my pelargonium and after inspection they have some white mould where they were cut the soil of this plant is dry in fact I’ve just given them a little drink and on the larger Pelargonium potted up from the garden the soil was really dry.

Funny that its in odd places even some of my herbaceous plants have some mould on them what do I do I don’t want to throw the lot away


I really need help or even a visit to sort me out. I’m not saying I’m a wimp but I’m close to tears

Here are some quick photos

Oops I will have to load from my lap top as my son is hovering for this computer







I think it will be down to a warm damp atmosphere James

What are the plugs you've got in there? 



Here are the photos I've just taken

 you can see the white mould on the bay tree also some but damage this happened when it came in from out side to the hall way but after I saw this I moved it to the conservatory where it looked to be doing better the OH didn't want to leave it out in the garden all winter.


 that little mushroom is actually the flower stem that was cut of and is mould


 the plant in the green pot is still growing I have now cut it back these are my herbaceous plants I have just bought some helenium plugs and potted them up I think the plants you can see in this photo are ECHINACEA - CONEFLOWER

would you spray the bay tree wrap in fleece and bubble wrap around the pot and place it in a sheltered part of the garden ??



My bay tree is out in the garden - the pot is bubble-wrapped (mainly to protect the pot) and it's raised up to ensure good drainage - it spends every winter like that - no fleece - it is about 13 years old and was grown from a cutting - it's fine 


right out it goes

never going listen to the OH again 

would you close the window every night or just leave it on it's ventilation setting ?


Don't over water at this time of year, keep things on the dry side, even the plugs or you will lose the lot.

A simple guide for your plugs should be to water when the top of the compost is dry. Give it one soak, then leave till the top dries out again.

Keep your conservatory well ventilated especially on warm days.

As for your bay, it's tough enough to be outside in a sheltered spot.

My bay is way out in the open, and has been for years, and apart from the odd bit of leaf dropping off, its survived 18 inches of snow and down to mins 12, so its a lot tougher than you think.

the pelargonium's need to quite dry as they are prone to mould, they should only need a water if the stems are beginning to wither and seriously dry out.

If your conservatory is heated, I'd turn it down. a frost free greenhouse is usually sufficient to overwinter most things, even the plugs, and if you have a fan in the conservatory turn it on a few times a day with the windows open to keep the air moving, this stops the moisture from gathering.

As for the perennials they can be sunk in the garden, only tender perennials need frost protection.


Have you got a cold GH or a coldframe James. I think the herbaceous plants would be better there, They need a cooler, dryer atmosphere, vents and doors open. Except when it's very windy like now


the Conservatory is unheated my cheap cold frame is full with sweet peas and other plug plants viola and pansy's with two rosemary young plants in as well

the pelargonium were very dry compost was dry and had shrunk away from the pots 




I've got to much growing me thinks sprinting before I could walk

Hiya james

Ok, mlld here but I would have your bay tree outside.  I think its too  warm and humid where it is right now.  I would bubble wrap your pot and fleece the top amd, yes, leave it in a sheltered spot outside.

Looks like botrytis to me on your herbaceous plugs.  I would spray with fungicide....leaves, stems and soil surface.  Ironically,,the wet spray itself creates a damp atmosphere so I suggest you spray early morning to enable leaves to dry quickly.  Plants need plenty of air circulation too. 

Re echinaceas, they seem susceptible to pathogens during the winter, ironically caused by being too warm at their crowns. At least, that's my experience so I try not to fleece them in the greenhouse.  Cool and dry.....dryish.  I came to realise this when echinaceas not unduly protected fared better than those fleeced.


We've had some verymoild weather though James and some sunshine. Your conservatory was probably very warm at times and with temperatures as high as they have been overnight things are just too warm. Can you have the door open when it's warm or is that a security problem


I have a large ish window but if I leave the doors open the dogs will go in there to wee and poo so.

I'm going into the attic to find a baby gate I think I spotted when I was getting the tree down 




James, rightly or wrongly I'd try and wipe the mould off the plants using a very weak washing up liquid and make sure they dry off.

Maybe I've just got cleaning on the brain Hope all your stuff survives.

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