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Overnight the moles have been busy.  Never had them visit before and I hope it is only a visit as I don't want them to be hurt.  There is one heap of soil on the lawn which I plan to brush away and three more heaps in the flower borders which I am not bothered about - but were dangerously close to my pond (soft plastic liner).  Will the ground sink where it has been?  Do moles hibernate in the winter as the soil gets colder?


I have just spotted another thread on moles and like the suggestion of putting a bamboo cane in the ground with something on the top to make a vibration.  This has started me on a quest to look up all about moles and their lives and habits.  


Another huge mound of soil has appeared since my last posting (you have to admire the speed they work at - he must be very hungry).  I have put a cane in the soil with a pot on top but alas there is no wind today to make it rattle. 


Found out that moles do not hibernate, just go deeper when the soil gets colder.  More mole hills have appeared so I am hoping that they will go somewhere else when the food runs out.

we have lots of moles round our area even in the next door garden but, they never come into mine. Whether it's becouse most of the ground under 18' clinker and is really heavy clay.(you could throw pots with it) Maybe they only go where the digging is easy.



They'll be following the food. It's a good time of year for mole mountains


I think the mole must have come from the garden that backs onto ours as there was a lot of constructing and thudding going on in their garden a couple of days ago and you can tell by the trail of molehills that it came from that direction.  I have even more hills near the house today where the ground must be warmer. I had a new fence put in today so there was a lot of thudding going on in my garden and as moles don't like disturbance it may zoom off somewhere else.  

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