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How can I get rid of a mole who is ruining my lawn?


scissor mole trap easy to set and check , some vids on youtube on how to go about it

you can buy a battery powered thing that looks like a two-foot long pole about two inches in diameter. you push it into the ground where you think there is a mole run and it rattles for a few seconds about once a minute. you have to be careful that the moles run away from it towards the edge and not the middle of your garden. i had a problem mole (one coming in off the field opposite the house) and it disappeared forever after a couple of days. the batteries run down quickly so you have to check them and rechargeable ones are cheaper.

mole traps are horrible, vicious and indescriminate.

 indescriminate??? ive only ever caught moles in moles traps



People have to make their own choices.  Traps are acceptable to most people as they do want to get rid of the mole.  Traps cost less than 'a battery powered thing' in the long run.

I cut slugs in half with a pair of scissors because I think killing them by some other means is pretty horrible.

As I say, make your own choices.


the solar mole repeller is on the same page - £11.95.

the trap has to be checked regularly or the mole will starve to death.

indiscriminate - a neighbour got a vole once.

Tricia Muddyboots

We don't like killing wild animals.  Moles don't seem to like strong smells, so we ... disperse the earth from molehills; find the tunnel; fill with 'Repulsif' (we live in France); then mothballs, woodash and charcoal.  This seems to work and the moles soon beetle off into the surrounding fields. 'Repulsif' smells like charcoal which is why we use the charcoal from our house fires.  (The fine earth from molehills makes good soil for plants.)

Thank you all, I will try one of the humane things as I really prefer not to kill a living thing.  Excluding greenfly and slugs!



I place a short cane in the middle of the molehill and a large empty yoghurt pot inverted on the top. The vibration in the breeze seems to drive them away.

Try the 'Mole Plant' - Euphorbia Caper Spurge. Works for me.


Sorry, can't resist this. Contact Jasper Carrot

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