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That is how I do it, except that I tend to wear very soil covered gloves, to avoid leaving my scent in the run.

Great if your runs are easy to reach, ours are below a thick layer of brick rubble.

Sorry i did mean to add that i wash my hands in soil as well, the runs in my garden can often be in along fence lines in our fields so are at least easy to dig down to.

Here in Belgium we can buy a device called a Détaupeur which translates as de-moler.   It is a battery powered machine which ignites a small explosive charge laid in the tunnel when moley comes along and makes the connection.    You can't buy them in the UK but they're available in France and Belgium if any of you is planning a holiday and wants to google for suppliers.

We used ours successfully for several years but now we have two dogs and don't want to risk one of them setting one off by mistake so we put up with moles and mole hills and the terrier cross occasioanlly digging for China when she hears a mole on the move.   The worst periods are spring when they're tunnelling to find a mate and then mid to late summer when the babies leave the nest and head off to find their own territories.

However, like Berghill, we've had our share of expensive plants lost and veggie crops ruined because their roots have been tunneled as well as people injured because they've walked on a collapsing tunnel in the lawn and dreadful spinal pain for me when walking on ground made uneven didn't help with my slippe ddiscs and trapped nerves.  Makes mowing the grass a bit bumpy too.

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