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Can anyone advise me please. I have a Mombritia which has lovely, healthy, dark green foliage, but no flowers. It is near to a flowering CherryTree, could the roots from that be affecting it? 

Don't think so Julie ......

Is it montbretia, the orange sort, or did you buy it as crocosmia?  Has it ever flowered?  If so what colour?

It will prob flower soon

It all grows everywhere but waterlogged sites.  



And the  common orange Montbretia even grows in that Verd! 


Hi Julie

I don't think the cherry would be a problem.  In my garden the montbretia flowers fine, except when it has been there too long and needs to be dug up and divided.  How long has your plant been there?  Has it ever flowered?



Think you're right fairy     I guess it's happy everywhere 


Yes it is orange. The plant was given to me by my next door neighbour about 6 years ago. It did flower after moving it, but only a few stems for a couple of years.


If you have heavy soil it seems to keep it in check a bit more Julie. 

Give yourself a treat and dig up the old montbretia, improve the soil and plant a new variety like Golden Ballerina or Star of the East. 


I agree with Chimborazo.  The only way to get it flowering again is to dig out the choked mass of old corms, refresh the soil and replant the newest corms.  If you are going to all that trouble you may well as replace the montbretia with a much better behaved variety.  The common orange one is a real thug here on my clay soil and nothing will grow near it once it takes over. 

gardenning granny

decent soil?  My spare corms were thrown into a trench bordering the black currant bushes - never fed - never watered except by nature - generally ignored and I have a mass of flower....and I am on heavy clay soil.  I think they thrive on neglect - but agree that overcrowding of corms could be a problem.

If you are going to reuse what you've got, separate out the corms before replanting.  If buying new corms do check what height  they will grow to - my rampant Lucifer are nearly 5 foot tall and have spread rapidly, but there are many other lower growing varieties in all shades from yellow through to red.

Out and divided it will be then!! Thank you all very much.

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