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What time of year do these flower ? How do I persuade my 10 year old plant (that I took from a flowering plant) to flower?  Please help before I loose patience and throw it out!  Thank you, Maggie

Thanks Daintiness.   I will now start to feed it with Tomorite. The writer of the article keeps his in a greenhouse - the best I can do with mine is a coldframe so that's where it can go for now.  Fingers crossed.   Maggie

I have several Crassula - what's the best way to deal with a top-heavy Crass. arborescens? Can i root the stem if I chop off the top of plant or do I replant the top bit? Thanks for the tip on feeding Tomorite to these plants.

I have one that flowered last year. after having  it for many years!

It was growing too big for it's pot. so i just cut it back a couple of inches

It lives all year on a sunny windowsill.

But they like to be outside in the sun for the summer. if possible.


that's interesting, Patty.

What month/time of year did it flower?  Maggie

Wessex Wellies


I've had a money plant by they back door for about 8 years and didn't know it could/would flower !

yea my rescued plant is flowering

Singing Gardener

I have a money plant (which, bizarrely, I was told when I bought it 30 years ago was called a happiness plant!) which we kept it our coolish dining room for about 20 years until it outgrew it's place. We then moved it to the conservatory. Like Wesses Wellies I didn't even know they could flower but the very first year we had it in there it produces a mass of flowers over Christmas and it's flowered every year since. I looked this up and decided that this is because we tend not to use the conservatory after dark so for the first time ever the plant is getting shortened days in the winter rather than a lot of artificial light. It does also get colder nights so this might also be an influence.


I have two that flowered over Christmas they are just going over, they lived in the greenhouse all summer  and I brought them into the sun room about October I think,I didn't know they would flower so it was a lovely surprise, they are also sending out lots of new leaves from the base

Mine will go outside for summer into cold frame then, and bring it in for next winter. Thanks for all thoughts and lovely photos. Mags 

Mine has flowered (Feb) for the first time ever.  I left it in the conservatory this year, and have only watered it once over the winter.  Have never fed it!



Just noticed that mine has flowered for the first time! The pot is too small, it's watered very sporadically, and when it is II tend to flood the pot with water (there are stones in the base but no drainage holes) it never goes outside and is in direct sunlight most of the day. I've never seen one flower so I'm chuffed.

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