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Hello, i bought a monkshood plant last year and it didn't have any flowers and I thought oh well maybe next year. 

This year it's grown quite tall but again no flowers ............. 

hope someone can help and tell me why it's not producing flower buds .........?



which one is it CP, none of mine have flowered yet. but I expect they will


I have both blue and cream ones in flower now and more blue ones to come later in the season.   Maybe yours are short of potassium which helps promote flowering.

Try giving them a liquid feed of rose or tomato fertiliser to see if that helps and next spring, scatter a generous handful of rose fertiliser granules round the plants.   If you're organic, then make a soup from comfrey leaves then dilute and water that on.


I don't know what it's called :/ but it should have purple flowers ..........


There are at least two purple/blue varieties and one doesn't flower till later but try the feed anyway.



Yeah I will give it some liquid food , see if any thing happens ....... thank you


My purple ones flowered about 5/6 weeks ago, yours must be the late flowering ones

Hi CP. Did you cut it back last season? I did that one year and it never flowered the next. I just leave it now, the dried stem is pretty in the frost and the new growth has a frame to zoom up.

I think that's coincidence Lily. The stems die back in winter whatever we do. Mine always fall over and I cut them off when they don't look nice any more. They always flower, they're all very late flowering but they never fail.

I must get some of the earlier flowering ones

What a good idea, which ones do you recommend?

. Might be A lycotonum. I haven't researched properly yet.

I was going to buy in flower and choose what I liked the look of whatever it was called.


I grow two varieties including stainless steel,,,,,my favourite but it's slightly later in flower.

The other, unnamed variety, is rich purple and now flowering.  

They need good  moisture and a little shade.  Cutting back will make no difference to flowering the next.

So, it will flower soon or the buds have been affected ( pests) or it  has been deprived of water

Its advisable to stake them too......I do this when growth is half way. No sign of stakes now 


I planted a couple of deep blue ones last year - no sign of flower spikes yet, but I remain optimistic

Watch out when cutting them back, they're very poisenous as I found out a few years ago when I nicked my finger when clearing them up.They grow like weeds here and are in full flower.


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