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I have them on the windowsill, nice and green healthy looking leaves, apart from a few that have started to shrivel and die. No discolouration or anything. What could this be?

Could be cold.  They doNt like cool comditions.  Don't grow them now but when I did I made sure temperatures were high.ish before planting them out.

Those that are dying, are they next to the window glass?


Yellowing leaves would indicate too cold at night, so shrivelling leaves could just be 'scorched' by any sunlight coming through the glass.

If in doubt, time enough to sow some more & they'll soon catch up. J.

had same issue with my tumbling ted i believe i was not watering them enough and the right way i stand the pots in water for about  20 minutes and the ones that had started to wilt and ready to shrivel and die on me perked up


This definetely sounds like cold. Just low night time temp. on a window sill can do this. Sow some more and dont think about planting out until mid June.


Thanks for the replies! I will move them to a warmer room and hopefully that will work.

i sowed mine nearly two months ago and thy have two leaves on a three four inch stem. thy r the first things ive ever planted, do thy seem like thr dong ok, some r even six inches but still with ony two leaves and the stems r turning a resy couler, is this normal, any advice please



Also are they a bit of nightmare for reseeding themselves or do they not reeseed in out climate. Mine only have 2 leaves on a few inches of stems also.

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