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Hello I was wondering if anyone could help with this problem, my morning glory seeds germinated and are now about 3 inches high but the bottom leaves have started dying even though the plants still seem to be growing. They are kept indoors on a north facing windowsill so out of direct sunlight. Any help would be appreciated thank you

hollie hock

Hi Jeaannie, just started growing these myself. What did you sow them into?  They sound quite large and maybe in need of potting on to bigger pots. I've got a couple come up and they look big seedlings

Might be worth starting to harden them off as well.


I have some indoors on a north facing window, so far doing ok.  I planted them in old toilet roll tubes, as I had read they liked a long root run.  They were also taking over the house, so after a discussion on a thread here last week I pinched out all the tips, and they are now growing back from the leaf axils. 

So I agree with Hollie - pot them on to give them some more depth of soil.  Fingers crossed !

thank you both, I potted then in John Innes seed compost but will now pot them to see how they do.

otnorot but just call me Bill

They do like it cool 60c to 65 c.they open in the cool morning hours but close during the heat of the day. That tells you something.




 too have some seedlings which are doing quite well.  I have put mine in a cold frame and I ventilate them in the daytime - we are in Cornwall and haven't had a frost since I did this. They are looking very strong and I can't wait to plant them out.  Not sure about pinching out the tips though.


I think you need to be wary about saying that they like it cool. They are very tender and will sulk if temperatures drop much bellow 10 degrees C. It istrue that their flowers only last during the early part of the day, but they do not close up they die. Each flower typically only lasts a day.


If temperatures drop too low the leaves turn almost white!

thank you everyone, I am fairly new to gardening and really enjoy reading the forum with all the advice!


I'd sow some more! Plenty of time & the later sowing will romp away/catch up & look more healthy.

MG really sulk if the nightime temps too cool, so I never sow until early May. Learnt the hard way.....

You also said that they were on a N facing sill..... definitely too cold for them. Sorry, J.

hollie hock

MIne are outside in a cold frame, will keep an eye on night time temps. Thanks

thats a good idea Jo to sow some more, just in case they dont recover I will definitely do that and I have just seen the weather forecast for tonight and although I am on the sheltered south coast I will move them from the window sill

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