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Hello. I have a large raisby gravel area -and thanks to the wet summer - it now has large patches of moss and weeds. Any ideas on how to get rid of them? must be pet friendly and organic ( have tried by hand - but disturbs path badly). Have been reading about salt. Anyone tried it? any other ideas?


Get a flame gun to burn the weeds off-is salt really organic and pet friendly?-not sure



Flame gun sounds like the best bet. Salt doesn't do plants a lot of good but I doubt if it's an effective weedkiller.

pathclear is very good i use it once a year and have no weeds


Pathclear works-but hardly organic



I bought a flame gun but could not use it as the gas used gave me asthma. I gave it to my daughter and she reported that the weeds soon grew back after she'd used it. I have a similiar problem with my raised gravel bed and I really think it needs doing again unfortunately, or at the very least another layer of gravel on it. I hand weed mine and then when I get desperate I use "round up". Good luck with yours.


Is raisby gravel that stuff I've seen on paths at NT properties, looks like gravel but is consolidated in some way?

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